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The Invisible Auto Bra Paint Protection Film Industry Owes Its Start To 3M

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It is very hard to claim that the 3M company developed polyurethane plastics, however they have to be credited with the specific refinements that have brought this useful aerospace plastic technology to the automotive world.

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We at ClearMask offer multiple 3M films:

LightGard High Performance Light Protection Films

Headlight Viper

This virtually optically clear non yellowing film from 3M's Aerospace division is currently being used on military and commercial aircraft. 3M manufactures a boot (3M Radome Boots) that protects nose cones, wing tip lights and landing gear lights. This 3M film has been tested at 500 mph and at temperatures as low as -30 degrees centigrade with 1 inch rain. See example 3M wing test photo.

Rain Erosion coupons Radome Application

AeroGard High Performance Paint Protection Films

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This 3M film is a result of collaboration with 3M's aerospace division and Clear Mask to create a paint protection version of the thicker LightGard film. This product is truly the quality leader in the industry. Featuring superior installation flexibility, optical clarity and flatness, non yellowing and a 3M removable adhesive system that indures speeds up to 500 miles per hour.

ScotchGard Film

This 3M first generation film from 3M's automotive division is offered by ClearMask only as door edge guard material. 3M specifically recommends ScotchGard film be professionally installed and therefore not a suitable candidate for self installation.