SlipScreen Polyethylene PPF Polish


Since 1994 we at ClearMask have evaluated hundreds of polishes to maintain the desired high gloss characteristics naturailly found in quality Paint Protection Films.

Our findings showed that good quality (Non Silicone Based) non abrasive waxes worked well if the films surface was cleaned and waxed on a highly regular basis.

This unfortunately is not a realistic goal for most auto owners.

What was needed was a field applied Clear Coat Polish That would protect the soft urethane film from absorbing dust, grime, tree pollen, bug guts and acid rain while not having to repeat the application every week.

Working with a leading aircraft windscreen manufacturer we have come up with our exclusive SlipScreen Polyethylene Cleaner Polish and Sealant.

This unique polish covers your Paint Protection Film with a crystal clear space age acrylic polymer coating that is resistant to grime for months with each application.

Clear Coat Paint safe it is the perfect polish for both your car and your paint protection film.

  • Clear Coat Paint Safe
  • Seals and Polishes Paint Protection Films
  • Seals and Polishes Vinyl Graphics, Stripes and Vehicle Wraps
  • Fiberglass and Gelcoat Safe