Installation Tips for Aerogard ™Film
Here are some general tips for the installation of Aerogard™ film.

Before installing our film please consult our more detailed written instructions and our Installation video included in all of our paint protection kits.

Film Installation Steps
There are a number of steps that are common to the installation of almost any component of an Aerogard™ Paint Protection Film Kit. This procedure assumes a clean and dry painted finish to start with.

1. The first step is to separate the film and attached liner from the clear cap sheet.

Aerogard Ultra does not have a cap sheet, skip this step if using Aerogard Ultra.

2. Spray the painted surfaces where the film will go with soap solution.

3. Remove the white liner from the film, and spray the exposed adhesive with soap solution.

Aerogard Ultra will have a clear liner.

4. The film is then positioned on the car and the top side is sprayed with soap solution.
5. The next step is to spray water-alcohol solution under the film at the starting position,
6. Then squeegee the film down at that start position to tack it in place.
7. Spray the outside of the film again with the soap solution.
8. Then squeegee the film from the start position upwards and outwards towards the edges,
9. Stretching the film with the palm of the hand, as necessary to fit the part to the car.
10. The final step is to seal and dry the film edges with a hard card wrapped in a paper towel.


All kits come with our detailed written and video instruction guide.