About Us

ClearMask has been a leader in the paint protection film industry for 16 years, and we have been developing our thin-film expertise for 28 years. We have worked with many leading manufactures of film to develop what we consider the very best products on the market.

Our films have been tested in extreme conditions, way beyond the usual abuse from road debris on our highways. ClearMask warrants that Paint Protection films sold by ClearMask Protective films LP will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser maintains ownership of the vehicle.

The Clear Mask Design Advantage

Our kit designs utilize computer aided design techniques and are the finest most comprehensive kits in the industry. Our goal is to yield maximum coverage protection with minimum number of seams and relief cuts.

We offer more available kits per vehicle than any other designer of paint protection kits in the industry. Most companies only offer hood and fender kits wile ClearMask offers Hood,fenders, bumper, roof pillars, rockers, gas caps, mirrors, and in some cases door panels for large SUV's.

We take great pride in our products and hope that you benefit from our kits. Preserving the original look of your vehicle for many years to come will enhance resale value and more than pay for the cost of our kits.

  • 1993 Started as an exclusive 3M Scotchcal/Scotchgard distributor selling to dealer applicators, auto dealers and end users.
  • 1997 Refined techniques to create 2 dimensional stretch to -to fit flat patterns utilizing
    Computer Aided Design software.
  • 2001 Supply agreements established to major paint protection film manufactures for
    licensing ClearMask pre cut kit designs for their customers.
  • 2005 ClearMask constructs new state of the art facility dedicated to design, manufacturing and training of Paint Protection Films.
  • 2006 ClearMask worked 1 on 1 with 3M Aerospace to introduce there superior quality
    8674DL Polyurethane Protective Tape into the automotive paint protection -film industry.
  • 2007 ClearMask establishes the exclusive trade names AeroGard and LightGard in order
    to market 3M's superior 8673DL and 8674DL.
  • 2008 Established Denver Colorado retail kit manufacturing center.
  • 2009 Awarded US Copyright for the ClearMask database. This recourse manages the specifics of it's over 50,000 pre cut kit pattern designs.
  • 2010 Better Business Bureau awards ClearMask it’s honored Gold Metal Award.
  • 2010 ClearMask develops and launches its unique ClearMask Design Software kit delivery system.
  • 2011 Establishes exclusive capabilities to create 3 dimensional FORM / FIT paint Protection Film parts.
  • 2011 ClearMask creates 3D to Flat Pattern software design system.
  • 2012 3M Awards ClearMask exclusive agreement to manufacture FORM/FIT Paint Protection Film Parts for New York Subway system rail cars.
  • 2013 3M Authorizes ClearMask as an exclusive Polyurethane Protective Tape manufacturer for Aerospace applications.