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You Don't Have To Settle For 1St or 2nd Generation Paint Protection Film Technology any Longer!
Co-developed for Automotive use by ClearMask and Aerospace Division.

*Optically Clear Medical Grade Urethane
*Abrasion Resistant Surface
*Conformable Realease Liner
*FEATURING 2BOND Adhesive System

EXCLUSIVE 2BOND Adhesive System
Essential For Liability Free Film Removal.

All modern day Paint Protection Films are designed to stop stone chips and firmly adhere to the surfaces they are bonded to. This is known as the number 1 bond.

The number 2 Bond is the adhesion of the adhesive itself to the actual Urethane Paint Protection Film.

ALL "PPF" films have to be removed. Our Number One Question "Can it be removed?"

  • For one reason or another over time ALL Paint Protection Films have to come off.
  • You may want to sell your car and display its pristene non chipped paint.
  • You may want to just replace your film.
  • You may have scratched or damaged your film.
  • You may have had an accedent and new material may be required to match other areas.

When industry standard Paint Protection Film adhesive systems have been cured and aged over time it is almost imposible to remove the film without leaving residue of adhesive on the surface that can be pure "HELL" to remove.

That is where AeroGard's superior number 2 Bond Adhesive syatem is unbeatable in preventing film removal surface damage.

The adhesive bond between the actual urethane film and the adhesive layer (2Bond) MUST be stronger than the vehicle surface and the adhesive (1 Bond) in order to remove both the film and the adhesive cleanly, with as little potential damage to the painted surface as posible.

Highest Flexibity and Tear Strength in the Paint Paint Protection Film Industry Pen Pic

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