Application Tools

It takes more than a squeegee!

A squeegee used to remove application liquids is only part of the required tools to do a professional looking application of paint protection film. We give our customers the proper tools to do the job right so they can enjoy a professional looking result.

Our kit includes:

Two large 32oz spray bottles with professional spray heads to deliver the volume of liquids required to prevent the adhesive from being damaged.

A professional quality squeegee that has the proper durometer to apply thin urethane films with out marring.

A hard card that is used to insure the film edge is sealed to prevent edge peeling and dirt contamination.

A sharp snap off blade razor type knife in case some minor trimming is required

A professional installation DVD and written instructions.

Our application Tool Kit and Video is essential to an easy installation of our paint protection film.This tool kit is free with any paint protection film kit purchase over $75 and does not apply to bulk film or headlight protection kit purchases.The tools will be automatically added to your shopping cart.

All our tools and waxes are offered individually in our online store.