Why do Paint Protection Films (Coated or Uncoated) need polished?

The physical characteristics of paint protection film is soft and flexible. This unique feature is what makes this
clear protective product the space-age vehicle paint protection answer.

Paint Protection Films are constructed of multiple layers of films and adhesives creating a sandwich of
Individual features that prevent your paint from being chip by thousands of small high speed missiles.

High quality paint protection films strive for clear high gloss surfaces resembling that of modern clear
coat paint systems. However the soft physical nature of paint protection film differs from the harder acrylic polymer clear coat paints used on modern vehicles.

Because the surfaces are different it is important to maintain your paint protection film and paint with polishes that are compatible on both surfaces. This will enable both surfaces to show dust and dirt on the surface approxametly the same by equalizing the surface tension of each. Paint protection films (coated or uncoated) that are not regularly polished will show dirt and dust noticeably different than your clear coated paint surface.

Beware of companies that claim to apply clear polishes to paint protection film kits before they
are shipped. These polishes simply will be removed during the wet installation process by the soap and alcohol installation liquids. This is simply sale hype and of no value.

Good quality wax based non abrasive, non silicone polishes work well if used on a very regular basis.

ClearMask offers a unique exclusive acrylic polymer cleaner polish and sealant that has been developed for all paint protection films (coated and non coated). This product actually polishes the surface with a crystal clear non-yellowing, no-wax, no-silicone polymer polish and sealant that is clear coat paint safe.