Abrasion Resistant

Proprietary abrasion resistant coating protects the film surface from everyday abrasions. The flexible coating is self healing. Heavier scratches may be minimized or completely removed by simply heating the surface of the film with a hair drier.


Air Release (Ease Of Installation)

ClearMask AR provides microscopic egress channels in the adhesive system that allow air and excess application liquid to escape while squeegeeing. This makes the application process easier to remove bubbles, wrinkles and reposition the film during installation which saves your time and money. the unique feature aids ClearMask AR to dry clean and bright.


Away Rain (Hydrophobic)

ClearMask AR's hydrophobic glaze allows the film to be breathable yet water proof, minimizing the staining effects of bird droppings, bug splatter and acid rain while having superior anti yellowing UV protection.


Aggressively Responsive

Superior flexibility aids in installation stretch. This greater stretch allows film to be applied to severe compounded curves while removing wrinkles, kinks and puckers without leaving stretch marks.


Peace Of Mind

Ease of installation

Ultra Clear High Gloss Film

Self healing

Non yellowing

World class removable adhesive system