Creating the best Paint Protection Film value for our customers has been a passion here at ClearMask since this industry's inception in the early 1990's.

With our exclusive Computer Aided Design software we have been able to group our Paint Protection Film Kit Designs to create the ClearMask Econo Kits. A value packed Full Frontal, Plus clear bra paint protection film kit at a fraction of the cost over what it would be if you were to purchase these kits individually.

How can we do this?

The paint protection film industry's pricing is driven by the square inches of material required to cut a specific kit design. Due to the high cost of these aerospace derived films each and every open space not used in a specific cut file becomes expensive waste that is thrown away in the manufacturing process.

The vast majority of our competitors do not create Paint Protection Film kit designs (Just Ask Them). They acquire them from third party software programs already grouped in kit form and have no real control over the square inches of film required to cut a specific kit. This creates a huge waste in materials.

We have been designing our quality kits since 1993 and have a great opportunity over our competition to take advantage of our technology by utilizing the vast waste in kits by grouping multiple kits in the same area. This saves film, saves the environment letting us go "GREEN" and saves you Big Bucks by allowing you to protect more of your valued vehicle investment for less.

With our exclusive CAD software we can simply take the wasted film and create more kit coverage at less cost.

A typical Hood, Fender, Mirror and bumper kit can have as much as 50% waste in the cut files. Remember many paint protection film kit software packages are supplied by the film manufacturers themself and they have no interest in saving film. Just the opposite-the more film used the more they sell.

We felt that the customer could directly benefit with greater coverage protection for less money if we simply grouped more of our most popular kit designs into one file. Why not? It does not cost us anymore. With some adjustments to files we are able to minimize waste while giving you, the customer, a better value.

Please consider our ClearMask Full Frontal, plus EconoKits.