Will ClearMask Paint Protection Film Kits be noticeable?
No. Immediately after application the film may appear hazy or have excess orange peel and small champagne bubbles until completely cured.
Unlike unsightly black vehicle bras and plastic bug shields, ClearMask kits are transparent. Because ClearMask kits are transparent but not invisible, we recommend viewing your application from a distance of 10 feet with viewing angles of no greater than 45 degrees.
*Standard accepted by the glass industry when inspecting vision glass.

Will large bubbles go away?
Yes, if the bubbles left in the application are full of application liquid it should dry over time and smooth out. If you have large dry bubbles without application liquid after a reasonable period they can be removed with a pin and squeezing out the air. (refer to your ClearMask written installation guide).

Do I have to cut the film on my car?
No. To prevent damage to modern clear coat paint, the industry has almost exclusively gone to pre-engineered kits.
If you have over-stretched your kit and need to trim the material, you may simply wrap the excess around the sheet metal or use the techniques for trimming in our application guide.

Is it difficult to install?
We have designed our kits with the Do-It-Yourself customer in mind. We have even started designing our easy install version for most newer vehicles. Our installation difficulty chart, comprehensive installation videos and instructions, and our liberal unused kit return policy should make it easy to make the decision to do it yourself.

Are there special tools required to do the application?
We offer a very good self application tool kit consisting of the same tools most professionals use. This kit consists of 2 quality 32 oz. sprayers, rubber squeegee, hard card, razor type knife, and video installation instructions. This kit eliminates difficulties due to not using the proper tools.

How much does ClearMask cost to have installed by a professional?
Since application time and patience are key ingredients to proper application , professional installations can cost up to eight or nine hundred dollars for hood, fender, mirror and bumper kits. Motor Home applications may cost up to $1,500 for professional installation. You can clearly save hundreds of dollars by installing our kits yourself.

How is my kit packaged?
Each kit is heat sealed and labeled in its individual poly bag. The parts are visually discernable and easy to remove form the protective liner for installation. NOTE: Some kit manufacturers cut their kits, and then leave it up to the end user to remove parts from the raw film. ( This is called weeding or removing scrap or waste material). We would never send you a kit that was not immediately ready for you to install!

Why should I use the "Easy install kit" instead of the "Standard" kit?
The first thing you need to do is to evaluate what the coverage area will be by looking at the gradient and the red line depicting the size difference of the easy install kit on the product page for your make model and year vehicle. Next, decide whether you need full coverage, or if the easy install kit will give enough protection (anticipating the areas where you drive). The easy install kits usually avoid compound curves, and have a reduced coverage area (less square footage of film to apply).

Do you use the same kit for headlight protection kits?
No. We use a special film from the 3M Aerospace division that is used on fiberglass nose cones of jet airplanes. This film protects the glass from cracking and damaging sensitive avionics when exposed to dust, rain and hail at hundreds of miles per hour.

How thick is your headlight cover material?
Thicker is NOT always better! Many of our competitors boast of 30-50 mill materials with unproven adhesive systems. It has been our experience that these materials are much harder to install and have edge release problems, especially on severally curved lamps in cold temperatures. Our Ultra Light material is 14 mil and has been tested at the University of Dayton Research Institute in a simulated 1 inch rain storm at 500 miles per hour with NO damage.

How do your kit prices compare with others?
When comparing paint protection kits, it is vital to compare "apples to apples". The square footage of the application has a direct link to manufacturing costs. Our standard kits cover more area than our competitor's kits. We are also the only manufacturer to offer an aerospace product for use on your vehicle, and no other company offers two sizes (coverage areas) of kits; standard, and easy install. Please go out and compare our product to our competitor's, we are sure you will be back!