Stone Chips

Stone Chip Coverage Areas

Here at ClearMask we have been designing and manufacturing the most comprehensive Stone Gard protection kits in the industry since 1993.

Hood, Fender, Mirror

Stone chip protection for your hood, fender and mirror faces are a must. These kits have traditionally been our number one selling stone gard designs since these areas are your vehicles face, relieving direct impact. These areas are also the most visible when casually viewing your car. We often offer our hood fender and mirror kits in multiple sizes from as small as 12 inch high hood coverage to full hood and fender stone gard kits.


Most modern bumpers are made of thermo formed plastic which makes the paint extremely vulnerably to stone chips. Bumper areas are subjected to the highest air pressure of any leading edge of your vehicle, being closer to the road surface they are much more vulnerable to sand, gravel and stone chips.


Modern acrylic headlights and fog lights greatly have improved the ability to light up the road, however they are vulnerable to extreme stone chip punishment and wear. Their high replacement cost makes them a must for our aerospace LightGard kits.

Roof, A-Pillar

The leading edge of your roof and the side frames (a-pillars) are many times overlooked when considering stone gard protection. The same rocks that cause stone chips cause broken windshields and the roof and A-pillars surround your windshield.

Rocker Panels

Rocker panels are the lower areas below the doors, running from behind the front wheel to just in front of the rear wheel. This area is vulnerable to stone chips being slung and catapulted by the front tires. These areas are also often scraped with your shoe when entering the vehicle.


Lower portions of doors are subject to the same stone chip damage as rocker panels. This is made clear after driving in a rain storm and witnessing the mud and debris on these lower areas after your vehicle dries.

Rear Bumper Deck

The Rear Bumper Deck is the area just below the trunk lid on the top of the bumper. This area is very prone to damage by luggage, golf bags or other cargo being drug over while loading and unloading. Many new car manufactures have recognized this problem and have protected this area with rubber mats, chrome or even our film.


The Splash area is directly behind the rear wheel. Like the front wheel the rear wheel can sling harmful debris causing massive stone chips especially if you are driving with aggressive tires.

Example Coverage Areas