I have ordered two separate kits from Clear Mask for my corvette. After watching the installation training video and using the application tool in your tool kit, your kit fit great. I was amazed that the day after application I was able to pull the 3M Aerogard film up and remove a dog hair without harming the film. You guys are great!

Rich Watson
Cincinnati, OH

I wanted to send this letter in appreciation for the dedication and excellent customer service
that ClearMask has given me over the past few vehicles. This situation was a difficult one
for me, but you guys came to the rescue.
While I do change out cars often, I take much pride in my vehicles and I love driving them.
I am on my fifth BMW and I have always used the ClearMask product to protect my vehicles.
In doing so on the last 5 series I purchased, I ran into an issue and ClearMask made it
right for me even though it was my mistake.
It was a last stich effort to contact your company, but I am so glad that I did. Thank you
for being an honest business and most of all thank you for rescuing me in my time of car needs! I will be back when it is time to replace the new car I have now.

Calvin Kaul

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your guidance and assistance on the two kits that I recently purchased. Previously I have purchased "Scotchgard" protection kits from various suppliers. I have applied them to Corvette Z-06, Ford Escape, Ferrari F355 and lower parts of my Lamborghini Gallardo... Read More

Kent K. Norman
Leetsdale, PA

After a bad experience with a professional installation of the ScotchGard film gone wrong, I decided that I still wanted to stick with 3M products and Clearmask was the best supplier I could find. For a do-it yourself solution, the AeroGard film is ideal because you don't have to worry about scratching the clearcoat on the outside of the ScotchGard film. Another main advantage is that you can wax the film the same as the rest of the car. The AeroGard film is also fairly easy to install and if you find yourself with a few questions, just give the guys at ClearMask a call.

Tulsa, OK

Thanks for the great service you provided on my recent BMW 5 series kit order. This was the fourth kit I have installed. Either your kits are getting better or I am, but they went on great and give me peace of mind.

David Dudley
Coppell, TX

Your paint protection film worked great on my new car. So I ordered your headlamp kit and was amazed that you could conform your film to fit my headlights as easily as you told me.

Clifford Burgman
Warwick RI

You guys are always there when I need help. And your Lexus kit designs are the best I have ever used. They go on easy, cover much more area, and customers don't complain like they did with our old kits.

Winberly-Dealer / Applicator
Park Place Lexus
Grapevine, TX

I refer to you guys as the paint protection film doctors with your 15 years experience . No one knows more about paint protection film!!

Greg Olson
Sewell Lexus
Dallas, TX

Your kit on my Alpine Coach Motor Home was as easy to self install as you said it would be with the help of your application tool kit and video and my wife.

Los Angeles, CA

From our $500,000 Country Coaches to our 1.3 million Monaco Royals, you are the only paint protection film company we will use.

Todd Springs
Buddy Greg Motor Homes
Lewisville, TX

Your designs on our Porsche, BMW and Jaguar's are right on the money, cover more area and look great on black paint. No other kits or film we have used are as optically undistorted.

Robert Rose-Manager
Fort Worth, TX

I think that your letter is very well done and that jim would be very keen to use it as a good third party reference. The only criticism that I would have is that, it is a bit long, I don't know where to suggest that you cut it down through. I would suggest that you send it to him as it is, and offer to condense it pay any suggestion that he might have if Jim feels that it would be better if it condensed.

Gene Bergh
Sr. Sales Specialist

I'd like to say thank you to you and to ClearMask for my recent customer service inter-action. Last month, my husband replaced his car, and since he travels quite a bit, I was looking for a way to protect his paint from chips. I had seen products like yours before, but the custom cuts were unavailable for his previous vehicle. I got everything I could to protect his new car and took an entire afternoon to install all of the different pieces (after laboring over the directions and vedio- strike one and you're out). I applied the custom hood piece but was disappointed that it didn't cover the entire hood. When I called the next day, you (Jim) were so helpful on the phone. I understood all you were saying about the sheeting and how usually the chips aren't all over a hood. Even with that, you went out of your way to take my number and try to figure out a solution for me. Thank you for the larger piece of comparable sheeting that you sent to me. Not having a seam in the middle of the hood was something I valued, and I truly appreciate your responsiveness. . The car looks great. My husband loves the thought of being chip-free, and I will come back to you when I replace my car in the next two years. I've shown off your product to friends and have and will continue to recommend you to anyone know who replaces a car. Thanks, again I am very pleased.

Holly Allan

You have my permission to use my comments. I've been telling everyone I know how great I think your product is . My only regret is not having it only my older vehicles!

Karl Garcia

We are so pleased that you like your product. Thank you for the wonderful comments. With you approval, would would like to use your comments as a testimonial. Also, we are going to cut the mirrors for you and send them to you on us. We will be getting these to you this week If there is anything else we can assist you with. Please let us know. We will be happy to help. Have a wonderful blessed week!!


I got the clearmasks and started on some pieces last night, and man what a quality product you guys have. I mean I'm no expert doesn't take much to realize this an amazingly for giving product and easy to install for most parts. But 2 things, 1st I believed there is only one A- pillar ( see attached photos) and what are the triangular pieces for? Oh also I I also need to order another set of headlights, the contours on them are very intricate and I'm not sure how to get them around double and triple angles/curves. Seems that I 'm tried to stretch and pull so much that there is no more adhesive left. so it no longer sticks


I certainly do appreciate the clear mask sample that you sent. The material was very easy to install on my equipment . I have use it on several dives to depth of 80'. It held up very well with no problems. I am passing the information on this product to all of the dive shops in this area . If I can be of any assistance or if any one needs any additional information on the use of this product on diving equipment please let me know.

Captain Bill Walsh

Thank you for all your help on the purchase of the Clearmask kits for my BMW X3 and 911 GT3. I especially appreciate the very generous amount of time you spent with me coaching me through the installation process. Not only do you sell a good product at a fair price, but you provide absolutely outstanding customer service. I would recommend you and your company to anyone without hesitation.


After ordering the Aerogard kit for my Porsche and achieving amazing result I ordered another for my Rage Rover. Aerogard is superior to anything out there and it's a pleasure to be abele to install it myself. The install video was a huge help and the service was a 10 out of 10. These guys are a pleasure to talk to and are very helpful

Corey B.

Thank You for the call back. We would like the clearmask for the Mini Cooper S 2009. We have one on our Nissan frontier and are very happy wit it

Dan Wise

Your product is amazing! I wish I would ha applied it sooner and to mare areas to protect my paint! Installation is not difficult and a regular person can get a professional result!

I did have one installation issue. I wasn't able to get the clearmask on the mirrors without having a crease. I just proved very difficult- the rear bumper, hood and fenders all went on with relative case. Is it possible to purchase just two mirrors for my 2011 Honda Civic Sedan?

Also, I have been searching online for Honda Civic door sill guards. Honda doesn't make them and there are a lot of people asking about them in various car forums. I'm worried about regular traffic in and out of the car scratching the paint. Is this a suitable application of Clearmask? Is it possible for you to make door sill guards ( given the appropriate market research)?

Kari Garcia

Thanks for yor idea to apply Turtle Wax Ice to the 3M/Clearmask on the front of my white Toyota Prius.....for the purpose of making it easier to remove bugs from the Clearmask..... Just spray some Windex on the bug (s)...then soak an area of paper towel....and the bug comes off much more easily..and without the imbedded "Micro-Bug-Parts" in the polyurethane film which was likely stretched out during the impact.... Then, when retracting to its prior, unscratched state.... gripped onto the bug parts....making it difficult to remove.

Thanks for the idea.... Works well...... we have nearly 13,000 miles on the car.. Bellow are a couple of photos taken about 40 minutes north of us....Kolob Canyon.....at the northwest end of Zion National Park its been a bit over a year.... the front of the car looks great.just like the day I bought the car....

Gene...thanks again for pointing me to Jim at Clearmask....and Jim..thanks for giving me a great deal on the product.

Been Mackenzine